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Dan Tarola has worked in various accounting roles in traditional corporate settings as well as in dynamic startups. The corporate settings included large publicly-traded companies as well as smaller, privately held firms. The range of companies included software development, electronics/hi-tech manufacturing and service companies. The various corporate roles provided Dan lots of valuable training and experience while the startups broadened the functional areas that Dan has come to master.

The time in corporate was great, but Dan was looking for a more dynamic environment. He wanted to work with people who were more passionate about what they were doing and who wanted to fulfill their mission while making the world a better place. When Dan joined his first startup, they just had a handful of employees. Early on, Dan realized that in addition to handling all of the Accounting and Bookkeeping, he would have the opportunity to prepare Payroll, implement Employee Benefit plans, take the lead on HR matters and Employee Onboarding, arrange for various Business Insurance needs, take care of Facility matters and do some Contract Review. Fortunately, Dan’s MBA from Suffolk University provided the perfect foundation for handling these additional roles. He may have joined his first startup as an Accountant, but that position quickly brought him to the level of Controller.

After the first startup was sold, Dan went on to support two other startups before going out on his own in 2017. Forming Daniel’s Accounting Solutions (DAS)  has given Dan a platform by which he can provide his clients not just the fruit of his years of business knowledge and experience but also the compassionate care that small business owners sometimes need. Of course, some clients just need straight-up Accounting & Bookkeeping service (so, no warm or fuzzy needed). But Dan learned early on that some small-business owners are anxious or frustrated over the state of their business. Heck, that’s why they reached out to Dan in the first place- to get their businesses under control!

This combination of an empathetic nature and a passion to genuinely be of service gives Dan a unique approach to delivery of service & client care.

Our Values


Over 10 years of experience providing Accounting, HR, Payroll & Employee Benefit solutions


Conducting ourselves with the highest level of honesty and propriety is of absolute importance


Going the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that everyone receives our highest level of service, every time

“We can’t recommend Dan’s services enough! He helped us take control of our finances which brought back the joy we first had when we started the business.We started working with Dan because we needed a bookkeeper, but he turned into way more than that. In addition to the regular accounting matters, Dan helps us with strategic planning & decision making as well as handling other areas of the business like Payroll & HR/Onboarding. Basically, he serves as our Controller.”

-Party Excitement Entertainment, Inc.

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